The 23rd Spring Congress of International P2M Association on May 13 (Saturday).
~Call for paper: Abstract, March 13: Full paper,April 17.~
International Association of P2M
On May 13 (Saturday) 2017, The 23rd Spring Congress of International P2M Association will be held.1. Theme
“Medical and project & program management“
– Improvement of medical services by team medical care and expected role of
project & program management-2. Date and venue
Date: May 13 (Saturday) 9:30-16:40
Venue: Tokyo Institute of Technology. Campus Innovation Center Tokyo
JR Tamachi Station Immediately from the shibaura entrance, take the stairs to the right.3. Presentation Program (Call for paper in progress)
Please see our WEB site

4. Program
【AM session 】
9:30-12:30 Some Area of Focus Presentations
12:30-13:00 Lunch break
【PM session】
13:00-13:10 Opening address by the Chairperson
13:10-13:40 General meeting
13:40-13:45 Break
13:45-14:45 Key Note speaker
14:45-15:00 Break
15:00-16:40 Panel discussion
17:20-19:30 networking party (Hakuchi Chaya Tamachi branch)

Key note speaker(Professor Masayo Komoda (Professor, Department of Pharmacy,
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokyo University of Science)):
” What is Academic Detailing, which changes doctor’s prescription behavior”

● Participation fee: Please make a payment by April 28th, 2017
Member: 10,000yen (Including working students, Main presenter)
(Pay at site: 11,000yen)
3,000yen (Including regular student. Graduate student)
(Pay at site: 4,000yen)
Non-member: 13,000yen (pay at site: 14,000yen)
(Including regular student. Graduate student: 5,000yen) (pay at site: 6,000yen)

Bank Account Information:
MituiSumitomo Bank (Bank code: 0009)
Iidabashi branch (Branch code: 888)
Regular account /account number 7098073)
Account name: International Association of P2M

● Networking Party fee
Please make a deposit at the same bank account
Fee: 4000yen (Pay at side: 5,00yen)
Receipt is available at the site
No refund after the payment (both participation and networking fee)
Registration site is open: (both for a participant and a speaker)

The detail of the Congress :
Congress information(Japanese)

===Important date for the presentation entry===
■ Abstract submission : March 13 (less than 300 words)
■ Full Paper submission : April 17, 2017 (No exception) Please follow submission procedure
■ Submission procedure : http://www.iap2m.org/pdf/text3.pdf
Template and sample are available below:
■ Abstract Information (web registration)
web registration
■ Presentation method :presenter should bring USB on that day.
(No need for advance transfer of the PPT file)
■ Presentation time : Less hat 15 minutes including 5 minutes of Q&A

Date: 2017/1/20(Fri)