Board Members

Kunio Yoshida Honorary President of IAP2M
President of Foundation for Interaction in Science & Technology / Professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo.
Belonging to a foundation under the jurisdiction of MEXT.
I've been working on research support for younger researchers and cross-disciplinary and have been organizing study meetings in the field of synthetic chemistry, catalytic science, scientific engineering, biological science and medical engineering: specializing in energy environment. I've recently written a paper titled, "A Clean Energy Society". Outside of work I have developed an interest in cooking and entertaining.
I'd like to be dedicated myself to clarifying the essence of P2M and its evolution. In addition, I hope that I can clearly transmit the message concerning the feature of P2M and the potential for P2M both at home and abroad.
Shigenobu Ohara President of IAP2M
Affiliate professor at the graduate school of MOT, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology / Visiting professor at the graduate school of the University of Technology, Sydney / Former professor at the graduate school of the Nippon Institute of Technology.
The development of Japan stems largely from its originative structure, which is characterized by a hands-on approach, customer-focused solutions and humanism: all this secure in the foundations of our culture. I hope that you will seize this opportunity with us to expand your intellectual property and allow us the privilege of conveying to the world your vision of a totally-optimized structure for global society.
Hideo Kameyama Director
Professor at the graduate school of Industrial Technology, Engineering faculty, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.
Hideo Yamamoto Director
Professor at the graduate school of Business, Chuo University / Director at The International Academy of Strategic Management.
I'd like to act as an intermediary between industries and universities by using my extensive work experience in business (NTT) and university (Hitotsubashi University, Chuo-University). In addition, I'm also interested in finding a way to bridge the gap between Science & Technology and Social Science. Based on issues relating to consciousness, I'm working on research examining the concept of programming within the association. In order to realize a business expansion goal in this rapidly changing environment, it becomes essential to promote the superiority of the Japanese management style, which places emphasis on both the field and the employee: this style needs to be practiced with a global perspective in mind. My hope is that you will improve the present style of management through the practice of project/program management and initiate an association with us so that we can export information overseas.
Hiroshi Deguchi Director
Professor at graduate university of interdisciplinary department, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Emi Yunokawa Director
Representative Director of Human System, Ltd. / Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Management, Graduate School for the Management of Technology, Nippon Institute of Technology.
Specialist in IT project management, databases, proposal of IT solutions. Teaches a course on the methodology of planning and implementing IT projects from a business strategy standpoint.
It is significant for project management to be totally optimized from a heightened view point and a wide perspective. I would like to continuously utilize the knowledge and information which I acquired at the meeting of the association in practical businesses.
Hisao Wtaki Director
Former manager of Kawasaki Heavy Industries Corporation.
Kumiko Shirai Auditor-secretary
Manager of Technology Management Department, Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
-1985-present: Nihon Unisys, Ltd (former UNIVAC Corporation).
-Served as a system engineer and a project manager in the various projects of system development including finance-related information systems.
-Worked successfully in nurturing the System Integration business based upon the Microsoft g.NETh software, making it the pre-eminent operating resource in Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
-April 2004: Representative Director, President of Nihon Unisys Learning, Ltd. (Nihon Unisys Learning Corporation provided HR consulting service as a subsidiary of Nihon Unisys at that time.)
-April 2006: Manager of HRD department at Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
-April 2010: Manager of Technology Management Department. Responsible for designing and governance of corporate technological and HRD strategy.
-PMAJ Certified Project Management Specialist / Registered PM / President of PMAJ.



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