Message from New President of IAP2M

@All the members are happy to commemorate the 10th anniversary advocating the value creation framework soiled in local heritage and history in pursuit of practical science of multiple cross disciplines.

@Our association is proud of the collaboration and integration for efforts to explore complex solutions beyond natural and social sciences. The key word is the Japanese origin of program management. Facing with the turning phase of growth priority society to the matured, we have been sharing the unexperienced combined attributes of equivocality, complexity uncertainty and expandability.
Tracing back to the great contribution of Dr. Kunio Yoshida honorable chairman and the foot prints of our members are recorded in our memories. Our unique and valuable results are opened officially in official digital libraries of national organizations in form of proceedings and journals. These papers are referred to the incessant endeavors at the young researchers for dissertations of doctoral degrees, MOT graduate school students and the advanced school.

International Association of P2M (IAP2M)
Dr. Shigenobu Ohara



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