Chairman’s greeting

Since its inception in 2005, the International Association of P2M (IAP2M) has been managing the entire life cycle of all organizational planning projects, from conception to planning, investment, organization, execution, and operation, with the key word of “program management originating in Japan”. I am researching an interdisciplinary methodology to Under the NEXT P2M policy of former chairman Hideo Yamamoto, who was appointed in 2019, we have been working to expand the academic program management method to all organizations in society other than companies. As a result, activities utilizing program management have been carried out by various stakeholders in the region, including those related to education and research, administration, and NPOs. In the future, it is expected that Japanese program management methods will be developed not only in Japan but also overseas, so we have decided to disclose the mission and vision of the International Association of P2M here.


Two Missions of IAP2M

  1. This IAP2M contributes to the construction of a sustainable society of coexistence, co-prosperity and co-creation by promoting practical research on the system of knowledge of program management that integrates management systems and technical systems from the owner’s point of view.
  2. This IAP2M organically manages multiple projects under the overall mission of the organization, and utilizes creative integrated management skill methods to connect conception (scheme), construction (system), and operation (service). Along with deepening the program management consisting of “3S model” structure, we will provide the knowledge system to society.


Two Visions of IAP2M

  1. Dissemination to the international community: Taking up the effectiveness of program management in creating innovation in various fields in Japan and overseas, we will disseminate Japanese program management to the world through papers, international conferences, SNS, etc.
  2. Contribution to human resource development: As an attractive project that will lead to an increase in the number of members of society and the number of cooperating companies, we will carry out activities by various means with the policy of IAP2M to support the development of management human resources in the government’s reskilling support.


Based on these missions and visions, the Society will provide a “place” to exchange the wisdom of scholars, researchers, and practitioners in order to research solutions to the issues that modern society must address.  I sincerely hope that you will continue to actively participate and support the activities of the International Association of P2M.

April 22, 2023

President of the International Association of P2M

Dr. Hideo Kameyama

Professor Emeritus,

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology